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What are the strength training equipment in the gym?

Jun 21,2022 | Kingace Fitness

The strength training equipment of the gym is: Leg Extension,  pull-up training device, Chest Press, Seated Row, small bird pull training device, free training equipment, etc.

Leg Extension are generally divided into two postures, 1 is prone posture and the other is sitting posture, because the stability of Leg Extension will be better. On training equipment, the cylindrical pillow can also support the knee well. There is 1 big problem with prone leg bending lifting equipment. Once we increase the weight, the hips will be lifted unconsciously during the movement, thereby reducing the training of the legs.

Chest Press: When using this equipment for exercise, it mainly drives the chest muscles, which is very suitable for fitness beginners. In the process of using this device, it is easy to feel the strength of the chest muscles. In particular, many girls want to do push-ups, but due to lack of strength, they cannot do it, so they can lay the strength foundation through this equipment.

In the process of using the instrument, we should first adjust the height of the seat. Appropriate height should ensure that the handles on both sides are the same height as the lower edge of the chest. During the exercise, keep your chest straight and hold your shoulders tightly. The back is close to the seat, the body remains stable at all times, and the grip is slowly pushed outward. During this exercise program, you should also pay attention to adjusting your breathing.