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How to choose a multi-functional trainer suitable for the whole family

Jun 21,2022 | Kingace Fitness

It's been more than a year since the outbreak, but globally, the situation is not as good as expected, and fitness venues may be moved to home. After all, it's impossible to go to the gym every day. Outdoor sports depend on the weather. These reasons hinder our fitness career.

Multifunctional coach

Therefore, how to choose a multi-functional Trainer that is suitable for oneself and the whole family is also 1 big problem. If you buy too much and take up space, if you buy too much and you are afraid of wasting your time, how do you choose a multi-functional trainer?

If a worker wants to do well, he must first sharpen his tools. Let's first understand the general classification of multi-functional coaches: general aerobic equipment, strength equipment, fitness accessories. Aerobic equipment also includes: traditional treadmills, elliptical machines, sports bicycles, rowing machines, etc. Strength equipment includes comprehensive training machines, single-function training machines, dumbbells, barbells, etc. Fitness accessories include yoga mats, waist plates, yoga balls and other common fitness equipment.

But this does not mean that the more the better, this is the most suitable principle for you.
Family fitness is not the same as a reduced version of the gym. The more equipment, the better. The gym has a strength area, aerobic area, swimming pool and fitness room. But every time we go to the gym, not every place we go to practice every kind of equipment. On the contrary, we choose the exercise that suits us according to the part to be practiced today.

What suits you? The most important principle: choose according to your current training goals, not directly according to the standards of bodybuilders. To give a simple example: if our goal at this stage is to "lose weight", then there is no need to buy a set of dumbbells to exercise strength. So, first clarify what your needs are, and then choose a multi-functional trainer according to your actual needs.