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14 fitness facts that will teach you the right way to Exercise

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Fitness practice is what we should insist on for life. Fitness practice can help us strengthen our resistance, help us relieve pressure and relieve body and mind psychologically. Therefore, there are many advantages of fitness. If you want to do a good job in fitness, you must understand fitness knowledge. This article mainly introduces 14 fitness knowledge for us and matters needing attention in summer fitness.

Fitness tips

Best practice time of the day

9:00 a.m., 3:00 p.m., 7:00 p.m.

Two, what is the most commonly used fitness equipment

Dumbbells, the most simple and practical fitness equipment, can exercise the muscles of every part of the body.

Three, how to choose the dumbbell

When we use dumbbells to practice, we should pay attention to the quality and the selection of weight. Different people should have different dumbbells. The common types of dumbbells on the market are dumbbells coated with glue, cast iron, electroplated dumbbells, baking paint dumbbells.

Coated dumbbell refers to the full rubber structure, the price is relatively low electroplating dumbbell. Generally, the plastic bag is made of recycled plastic, which has long and simple deterioration of irritating smell and is not healthy. High quality adhesive is made of asphalt with small smell. As a result of precision now it is difficult to distinguish between general packaging and high-quality packaging.

Cast-iron dumbbell is coated with glue and uses cast iron block inside. The outer coating also has the general coating and high quality coating. The same weight and volume are relatively small and affordable.

Electroplating dumbbell prices related to the package dumbbell higher. Electroplated dumbbell bright color, never fade, no irritating smell, general family fitness application.

Paint baking dumbbell is high quality cast iron electroplating, using paint baking process to complete. Paint dumbbell shape is more beautiful, the price is related to electroplating dumbbell is higher, suitable for professional fitness center.

4. Beginners practice several times a week

Give your muscles plenty of rest 3 times a week and once every other day.

Five, what are the three major strength exercises

The three main strength exercises are bench press, squat and hard pull.

6. Correction time after muscle exercise

The best correction time after muscle training is 48 to 72 hours.

What is the principle of muscle addition

Strength exercises stimulate muscles and achieve excessive recovery during rest and nutrient replenishment.

Eight, fitness movements to adhere to the correctness

As long as the fitness movement is correct, can practice the policy muscle, and feel the process of the policy muscle in the exercise, so that the fitness to get twice the result with half the effort.

Nine, the primary fitness to what movements

Compound practice movements.

X. What does the weight of 8RM mean

Only 8 reps of weight per set are allowed.

Eleven, the number of movements and fitness

Each group 1 ~ 4 times the first to add affirmation of muscle strength and strength, 6 ~ 12 times the first to add muscle circumference, 16 ~ 20 times the first to flourish small muscle group and enhance muscle line elasticity, more than 25 times the first for fat reduction, enhance cardiopulmonary function, fitness and so on.

Twelve, after practice how long to start eating

Start eating for half an hour, then eat small portions every half hour.

13. What to eat after fitness

Mainly protein, such as eggs, milk and so on.

What is the most important thing about fitness

Persist, persist is victory.

The advantages of bodybuilding

It's true that exercise can help us live longer. Sports are a magic weapon to keep fit and a trick to prolong life. In the sense of strengthening the body, everyone needs to practice. For elderly friends, the physiological function gradually declines, the health condition gradually deteriorates, and various chronic diseases come one after another, so it is more necessary to participate in fitness activities.

Experts believe that 15 to 20 percent of a person's lifespan depends on genetic factors and 80 to 85 percent on non-genetic factors. Genetic factors cannot be changed, and non-genetic factors, such as day environment, day style, medical care, physical practice, etc., are up to humans, especially physical practice, through which individuals can achieve the goal of delaying aging and prolonging life.

Exercise can beautify the body surface; Progressive adaptability; Strengthening the links between man and society; Improving human characteristics; Improve body posture; Delaying the aging process; Relax the body; Helps control low moods; It is beneficial to maintain emotional stability; Can get a good sleep; Enable one to work more efficiently; Can adapt to and cope with serious situations in life; So that people can quickly extricate from exhaustion; Conditioning to improve the function of various system organs of the body; Redeployment of blood throughout the body; Improved oxygen supply throughout the body; Adhere to body muscle volume and weight; Supply more blood to the brain, make people more energetic; Avoid heart disease, coronary heart disease, cancer and arthritis; Regulate and lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels; Strengthen the strength of the myocardium, adhere to the elasticity and activity of the artery; Lower blood pressure; Shortens the time when blood clots; The amount and blood volume of added hemoglobin; Promote regular peristalsis and avoid constipation; Accelerate recovery from illness and injury; Helps to save oneself (prevent accidents and injuries); Regulates the digestive center, so it can control overeating, mood, emotion and weight; Assist digestion; Adding HIGH-DENSITY lipoprotein; Reduce skin infections; Improve endocrine function.

As long as exercise, can make people's heart, lung and other organs as well as circulation, digestion, endocrine and other systems to get full practice; As long as exercise, ability to make the nervous system sensitive response, harmonious movement, muscular and skeletal system strong and powerful; As long as exercise, ability to make the body's various functions get full play.

Simple physical exercise can not cure hypertension, but can alleviate serious mood, reduce weight, conducive to the drop of blood pressure. People who practice for a long time can improve their blood pressure, heart rate, and even their blood lipids. Exercise reduces serum total cholesterol and low density lipoprotein, while adding high density lipoprotein, which slows the progression of atherosclerosis while lowering blood pressure.

Summer training needs to pay attention to what

It is very hot in summer, so we should pay attention to avoid heatstroke when practicing. It is best to choose in the morning. It is advisable to walk, jog, do taijiquan and so on, instead of doing strenuous exercise. Practice simple heat stroke in high temperatures on a hot summer day. The following measures and methods should be adopted to avoid heatstroke.

① Avoid practicing in the hot time of 11 ~ 16, and reduce the direct radiation of high temperature outside on the body.

(2) Outdoor exercises should be prepared to wear a sunshade white hat or straw hat woven with branches and bamboo leaves: it is advisable to wear white or light color, good air permeability, soft texture, loose and clean sports clothes.

③ In the process of exercise, the number of intervals should be added, 10 to 15 minutes each time. And try to rest in the shade, quiet place, practice time should not be too long, 20 to 40 minutes each time.

(4) Intermittent, can drink light salt water or cool summer drinks (mung bean soup, juice, honeysuckle water, etc.).

⑤ Wash with warm water immediately after practice. After bath, carry on 5 ~ 6 minutes self massage, arrive eliminate fatigue effect.

⑥ If the exercise presents symptoms of heat stroke, exercise should be interrupted immediately, transfer to a cool and ventilated place, breathe fresh air, take off the sports clothes, loosen the buttons, and carry out cold compress in the head and forehead or armpit.

The elderly presenting dizziness, headache, nausea, vomiting, can take huoxiang Zhengqi water or Shishidou and other heat drugs, such as serious symptoms should go to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment.

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