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How to use the home machine

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  With the continuous improvement of the quality of life, more and more people like to go to the gym to exercise so as to have a healthy body. And the most common fitness equipment in fitness places is treadmills. How should we use treadmills? Next xiaobian household fitness equipment how to use the treadmill and how to buy a treadmill, hoping to help you.

  How to use the treadmill

  An overview of the

  Compared with other fitness equipment, the treadmill is more occupy the place, but there are still many people like to use the treadmill fitness, because running is aerobic exercise, is the most useful, the most scientific fitness method to adhere to physical and mental health.

  How does the treadmill work

  1. Turn on the running machine. Before using the electric treadmill for the first time, please stand beside it and be familiar with how to control it, such as starting, stopping and speed adjustment, etc., before you can use it after you are familiar with it.

  2, start the treadmill, press the start button, then the treadmill has started to operate, it will take the initiative to choose the speed of 1, beginners can first warm up at this speed, slowly according to their own constitution add speed.

  Tip: Before starting the treadmill, please do not stand on the belt, but stand on the plastic anti-skateboard at both ends of the treadmill. Hold the handrail with both hands, drive the machine to a low speed of 1.6 ~ 3.2 km/h, stand up straight, look ahead, "climb" several times with one foot on the running belt, try to relax; Then stand on the running belt and follow it.

  As you get used to it, slowly increase the speed to 3 to 5 km/h. Hold this speed for about 10 minutes, and then slowly let the machine stop. Do not work at high speed for initial use to prevent falling down.

  3, adjust the slope, the treadmill row to adjust the slope of the button, after opening the machine, can choose the slope, but do not advocate beginners to improve the slope, after a certain experience, can be appropriate to improve the difficulty. Some treadmills have 5 direct speed selection function, 5 direct slope selection function, can be adjusted according to their own needs.

  Tip: before running, it is best to change into sports clothes, do not wear jeans, shoes and other sports. Advocate the choice of running shoes or fitness shoes. Together, the sole should not stick to the foreign body, to prevent the foreign body carried into the running machine running belt wear running board and running belt. Clothes should be comfortable and suitable for sports, advocate the use of cotton breathable sports clothing.

  4. You can preset the duration of the exercise. Exercise for 15-60 minutes at a time. Some treadmachines are equipped with a high-tech TFT touch display screen, and built-in 10 kinds of mountain climbing, cross-country, competition, slimming, gap running program and two kinds of manual programming, according to their own physical conditions and needs to select the program, very fast control.

  5. On the display screen of the treadmill, we can clearly see the current speed, time and interval of exercise, the amount of heat you consume, as well as the heart rate and slope. While exercising, grab the chip on the handle with both hands to measure your heart rate at the moment.

  6, can according to their own preferences, select broadcast audio and video files, songs, pictures and other content, some treadmill surface with USB(2.0) interface and can directly broadcast the CONTENT of THE U disk, surface also with CD, MP3 audio input and output function.

  7, if you want to stop running, you can press the red button on the treadmill, the machine will actively stop. At the end of the exercise, your heart rate should drop below 120 per minute before you can press the stop button.

  Tip: If you are using someone else's treadmill, press the "Stop" button and the value of someone else's exercise displayed on the display screen will return to zero.

  How to choose a treadmill

  First, the horsepower value of the treadmill

  The function of each treadmill is different, so we need to understand the horsepower value of the treadmill and choose the most suitable treadmill for ourselves. Generally treadmill a power supply about 50 to 60 kilograms of bearing component, but running belt area of intrusive and running mechanical and electrical machine also have a direct link, the greater the horsepower of the treadmill, can drive the running with the area is larger, also so to measure the efficiency and safety, generally advocates, home treadmill is continuous above should be in 1.25 ~ 1.5 horsepower.

  Two, the size of the running belt area selection

  Buy treadmill actually not difficult also, we need pay attention to supply by treadmill running area, it is more important, so you must care about running belt area of intrusive, left and right before and after the width and length should be enough, otherwise can't keep moving, natural run awkward not smooth, more simple fall, add your likelihood of injury.

  According to kinesiology calculation and reference motor horsepower, 40cm(173/4 ") wide X130cm(50 ") long should be a more suitable reference area, and then increase or decrease according to personal actual conditions. Theoretically speaking, fall in same horse-power condition, if the running belt area that running machine place can supply is bigger, and whole actual cover an area is smaller, should be better choose.

  Three, the damping effect of the treadmill

  The biggest advantage of running on a treadmill over running outdoors is that it provides shock absorbance, eliminates a lot of the impact of each step, and maintains your knees, ankles, and other joints.

  At the beginning of the treadmill shock absorber method is generally separated from the base structure pad by the elastic rubber pad, so that the running platform into a suspended state, and then the function of absorbing vibration to reach the shock absorber, but this method can not completely reach the ideal effect.

  Four, the slope of the treadmill conditioning function

  An incline conditioning treadmill can greatly improve the role of aerobic exercise, so that you spend more calories and better cardio cardio training in the same time. Under normal circumstances, the slope of the treadmill can be adjusted in the range of 0-12%, and some imported brands can even reach 25%. In fact, for the family use of the treadmill, 0-12% can meet the requirements, too large slope conditioning is rarely used in general.

  Five, folding box for mobile function

  Running machine occupies compared commonly big, because environmental constraints in the home, many people have concerns when buy, actually completely did not contact, now many running foot have four soft silicone material honeycomb flexible wheel, a wheel rolling effect, has very good buffer role, a voice will not be passed to the downstairs of clever design. Wing folding, easy to move, fold the treadmill 45° Angle, you can move the treadmill to any position, even women can easily operate!

  Six, the mute requirements of the treadmill

  The treadmill drives the belt with the motor, and then works the running belt through the roller. This series of mechanical, electrical and mechanical operation process, must occur certain sound. For the new treadmill, the standard requirement is to work in an empty platform (5 kilometers per hour), and the sound measured within one meter of the treadmill is not higher than 70 decibels, which is also the maintenance standard of noise in the living environment, but it is accelerated with the actual running platform.

  Seven, the basic function of the treadmill

  1.LED display window to supply and help users grasp a variety of sports information, including: speed display, time timing, running interval, slope display, heat consumption. In addition, the better treadmill also provides exercise training program display, so that you can better understand the situation during training.

  2. Convenient and simple operation keys, including: start, stop, speed adjustment, slope adjustment, program selection, etc. A better treadmill can provide direct selection of exercise training programs.

  3. Preset computer programmed runs (groups 3 or 4 or more) and computer programmed runs for personal freedom (groups 2 or 3).

  4. Safety magnetic lock function for emergency power failure.

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