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What you need to know about fitness equipment

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  We go to the gym, all kinds of fitness equipment, but to choose their own, so let's know about fitness devices

  Functional gym equipment

  Suitable for middle and old age, for the purpose of fitness and long life. Healthy, can choose treadmill and fitness bike and darts, etc.; Poor health, can choose a variety of massagers, there is a magic swing fitness machine on the market is particularly suitable for this kind of people to use.

  Fitness gym equipment

  This type of gym equipment is usually suitable for women, who enter gyms mostly for a good figure.

  Common devices of this kind of gym are like small dumbbells weighing three or four pounds, abdominal device, fitness rotary table, gymnastics mat and other small things, there are some small magnetic therapy machines and massages can play a fitness slimming effect.

  Leisure gym equipment

  Office workers are more simple fatigue, can be refreshed through fitness, can choose gym devices in the climber, fitness bike, rowing device, etc..

  Growth gym equipment

  The fitness thin body of teenager emphasizes more comprehensive, scientific nature, all sorts of push-ups wear, pull implement, dumbbell, grip force implement to apply appropriately teenager.

  Inductive strength fitness device

  Gym equipment for adult men, mainly taking into account the exercise of male bodybuilding in order to increase muscle, mainly strength type gym devices, such as barbell, bench push frame, birds, etc., and inductive strength training device and so on.

  In fact, gym equipment is relatively new to contact, once invested in time for a long time, but you will know what each is for, whether it is appropriate for yourself and other problems, and gym generally have a coach, once you do not know you can consult a coach.

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