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How does the rowing machine make the muscles of the whole body have the effect of body shaping

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  In rowing, each stretch and flexion stroke exercises about 90 percent of the extensor muscles, so it is a huge benefit to extensors that normally do little or nothing. It also plays a significant role in training the back muscles, allowing the spine to have a greater range of motion in the body flexion and body extension, so that the various joints of the spine are trained. This not only improves muscle elasticity, but also increases its toughness.

  When practicing rowing, we should pay attention to the consistency of the movement, and do not stop each stretch movement, but must be in position. If the fluctuation is too small, the muscles involved in the exercise will not be fully stretched or shortened.

  Simulate the natural movement of rowing, suitable for gym and family sports, training hand, leg, waist and other parts of the muscle tissue, effective training stretch muscle group, the training of waist and back is particularly significant, can relieve back pain symptoms.

  Together greatly improve the physiological flow activity of the lumbago muscle group. It is especially suitable for white-collar workers who sit in front of the computer for a long time.

  Rowing machines are suitable for people who are normally inactive.

  In different fitness equipment under the maximum exercise test, rowing machine can lower heart rate, higher oxygen uptake and produce higher energy consumption, and can promote physical fitness, more can use the whole body muscle to reach the role of body shaping. This exercise is currently one of the most popular fitness equipment in the world. Buy one if you want to try it out.

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