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Summary of some fitness knowledge you need to know

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  Today to a fitness novice knowledge summary, simply summarized the fitness novice will encounter questions, can see carefully.

  1. What are the differences between the bench press at the upper, flat and lower angles?

  The method part is different.

  On the oblique board weightlifting bed on the chest practice is more significant; The flat weight lifting bed is more significant to the chest middle and lateral exercise; The lower oblique board weightlifting bed is more significant for lower chest exercises.

  2, sit-ups with weight, how much is appropriate?

  Can add, this basically is to see your practice demand. If you abdominal muscle generalize already came out, still want to let abdominal muscle change stronger look more remarkable, can try.

  Afraid of sticking to it?

  Exercise itself is a very monotonous work, think about health, think about attractive figure, self-set the goal of exercise as a meal can stick to it. (Experiments have shown that 21 repetitions of a task will naturally form a habit, and if you try to do it 21 times, you may be able to incorporate exercise into your daily routine.)

  4. Is there any damage to the knee joint?

  All fitness equipment as long as in accordance with the correct way to use, is not harmful to the body. So everyone in the choice of a fitness method, should follow the coach guidance or through other ways to understand the use of requirements.

  5, dumbbell multiple suitable?

  Dumbbells are a useful instrument for strength exercises. Strength exercises are divided into two fitness purposes:

  ① In order to add muscle strength for the purpose of exercise, we choose a group of weight can do 1-6 times is appropriate;

  (2) in order to develop muscle circumference for the purpose of exercise, we choose a group can do 8-12 times of weight is appropriate;

  6, supine plate straight plate and arc plate difference?

  As for abdominal movement, the movement of the arc plate is bigger and more useful to exercise the abdomen. In terms of the exercise function, the supine flat board can also replace the dumbbell flat bench for other exercises.

  7, just use running machine why can dizzy?

  Because when we exercise on the treadmill, the objects around us when we walk or run are still. People who exercise on the treadmill for the first time will not be accustomed to it and will have symptoms of dizziness. Another reason is not doing warm-up exercises. So the first and just do treadmill exercise to transition from slow to fast, step by step, so that the body has a habit process.

  8. Can YOU drink water while running?

  If thirsty, can put the speed down, in the case of smooth breathing, with a few repeated ways to water is the best.

  9, ligament injury can exercise?

  To be able to practice around injured joints. The injured joints should be prevented from moving as far as possible. Under the conditions allowed by the doctor, some static exercises can also be carried out.

  10, the heart is not good to do what exercise relief?

  Use exercise bikes and treadmills, but not too much. Exercise step by step according to your cardiopulmonary function.

  11. Will women develop large muscle mass if they exercise strength?

  Don't. First of all, the hormone of muscle growth in the body of men and women is 10 times different, followed by the practice of men and women are different, women choose a small number of ways to practice strength exercise, play to add muscle endurance, tighten the skin, elongate muscle line practice intention.

  12. How long is it appropriate to exercise before and after eating?

  After eating, most of the blood will collect in the stomach to provide oxygen and nutrients to promote digestion. It is best to exercise 1 hour after eating, at least 30 minutes.

  After the exercise, because most of the blood will also collect in the limbs, advocate after exercise at least half an hour after the ability to eat.

  Before exercising on an empty stomach, you can eat a few bananas, chocolate and other food, and maybe drink some fruit juice drinks to avoid the lack of sugar storage in the body, and dizziness, nausea and even muscle spasms in the process of exercise.

  13, strength practice breathing method?

  With all your strength, exhale as you push, inhale as you restore. (This is because the core muscles of the human body are in the abdomen. Exhaling during exertion will tighten the abdomen, and the core muscles contract to ensure the stability of the body and promote the completion of the exercise.)

  A larger impact can hold your breath for a short time,


  ① Don't breathe too deeply before holding your breath

  (2) Breathe out slowly after holding your breath

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