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This use of rowing machine fitness effect will be better

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  Rowing machine is also a household fitness device, training effect is very good, but a lot of people are not very understanding of rowing machine. Here's how to use your rowing machine correctly.

  The right way to use rowing machines

  1 in the use of rowing machine should first check, to ensure the safety of the device, and then use, use must ensure the accuracy of the attitude, first put the foot on the pedal, with the belt tight, so that it will not move freely. Don't go barefoot, as the stress of exercise can cause pain on the soles of your feet.

  2. At the beginning, adjust the resistance to a low level.

  3. When using rowing machine, we need to grasp the handle, but do not hold it too tight. The strength must be grasped well. Holding too tight can easily lead to forearm fatigue, with the heart feeling the balance between grip and grip.

  4. When you start using the rowing machine, bend your knees toward your chest, tilt your upper body slightly forward, and stick to a good posture -- stand tall, not slouch.

  5. Then kick hard to straighten your legs and pull your hands together to your midsection. When the legs are fully straightened, lean back to get the best effect, but don't lean too much, which can easily lead to strained back muscles.

  6. Finally, straighten your arms, bend your knees, and move your body forward to return to the starting position.

  Rowing machine training area

  Rowing machine is also called rowing machine is a device to imitate rowing movement, on the legs, waist, upper limbs, chest, back muscle enhancement has a good effect.

  Finland invented the world's first single cylinder hydraulic rowing machine in 1968. The birth of this rowing machine represents the modern sense of the real home rowing machine, the people of European and American countries began to accept the home of fitness rowing.

  Rowing machine is a very good movement of the whole body, the need to grasp posture, coordination, the muscles of the body, the use of lumbar abdominal muscles, few people can grasp, aerobic exercise needs the least time requirements, if your posture is wrong, I can be sure you will lumbar muscle strain, a hang. So rowing machine to the body muscle endurance, control, coordination requirements are very high.

  Posture is kick leg hair force, the upper body is upright, cannot hunchback, fold waist, hip joint movement is bent over first, in backward, double arms pull, show shoulders, chest, straight legs, repeat action, the simplest mistake is the bow-pot, hunchback, fold waist, this will make you hurt very heavy.

  The key lies in the position of the waist, forward expansion can not bend waist, backward force to control the ups and downs, take this to do aerobic exercise, very challenging.

  Rowing machine exercise is a smooth and interesting and self-challenging fitness exercise. Every stroke, upper limbs, lower limbs, waist abdomen, back in the process will complete a complete shortening and expansion, can reach a whole body muscle exercise.

  Especially to the waist abdomen and upper arm fat more people, rowing machine exercise to bring you unexpected body shaping effect.

  Precautions when using rowing machine

  1. If you have a back problem, you need to know if your physical condition is suitable for exercise before using the rowing machine. You can consult a doctor to prevent it from becoming more serious. Always remember to keep your back straight. Many people have trouble rowing because they use their lower back to exert power.

  2. Also, keep your elbows close to your body to maximize arm strength.

  3. Like any exercise, warm up and stretch before training.

  4. If you feel pain in your lower back, stop practicing immediately.

  The role of rowing apparatus

  When practicing rowing in fitness devices, we should pay attention to the consistency of the movement, and do not stop each stretch movement. We must be in position. If the fluctuation is too small, the muscles involved will not expand or shorten as much.

  In rowing, about 90 percent of the extensor muscles are trained with each stroke, benefiting those that don't normally move. It also has an obvious effect on the training of back muscles, which can allow the spine to have a greater range of motion in the body flexion and body extension, so that the various joints of the spine are trained. This not only improves muscle elasticity, but also improves muscle endurance.

  Imitate the natural movement of rowing, suitable for gym and family sports, training hand, leg, waist and other parts of the muscle tissue, effective training to expand the muscle group, especially for the back training, can relieve back pain symptoms.

  Greatly improve the physiological flow activity of the lumbago muscle group. It is especially suitable for white-collar workers who sit in front of computers for a long time.

  Rowing machines are suitable for people who are normally inactive.

  In different fitness devices under the maximum exercise test, rowing machine can be lower heart rate, higher oxygen uptake and higher energy consumption, and can promote physical fitness, more can use the whole body muscle to reach the role of body shaping.

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