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About us

KINGACE is a leading company in the field of commercial fitness equipment. It has established a complete set of system including design, technology, and production. Our product engineers combine science and the best creativity to design high-quality cardiovascular and strength products. We are specialized in building high-quality and safe product that delivers benefits for users worldwide. We have a dream of being the most respectable brand in the world. This is the source for our inspiration and passion.This is the power for striving for excellence.

The tube of KINGACE AG Series is 120*70*3 pure ellipse steel, and we invited an Italian teacher who has experiences in this field for over 30 years and tested machines for Technogym to test the machines for us;you will feel amazing when you use the machine. Our products have acquired many certificates, such as CE, ROHS and so on, so our products have a high safety. Our products have been already exported more than 15 countries.


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+86 18653420808


+86 18653420808