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Aerobic and anaerobic exercise

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  For many bodybuilders, in the process of exercise, all kinds of movements are trained very skilled, but also do very standard, but about some of the general knowledge of fitness, such as what is aerobic exercise, what is anaerobic exercise. If you want to improve his fitness effect, it is necessary to understand the common sense of a few concerned aerobic movement and oxygen movement. Next, xiaobian to introduce us to the common sense of oxygen and oxygen.

  What is aerobic exercise? What is anaerobic exercise?

  When people are exercising, their primary energy sources are carbohydrates, fat and protein.

  Sugar in the body is burned in two ways: the first is aerobic incineration, and the second is anaerobic incineration, where oxygen is filled with the condition of incineration, and anaerobic incineration is burned in the absence of oxygen. But fat in the human body, is in the aerobic state of incineration.

  Aerobic exercise refers to the exercise that the human body does under the condition of sufficient oxygen. When the intensity of our exercise is relatively low and the duration is relatively long, our lungs can communicate with the external environment of oxygen and carbon dioxide, through the heart of the human body to deliver oxygen to the limbs for exercise.

  Anaerobic exercise refers to the movement of muscles in the body without oxygen supply. When we do high-intensity, or perhaps fast-paced, short-duration sports, our bodies can't absorb, transport and use enough oxygen. At this time, the human body will begin to anaerobic energy supply, in the absence of oxygen use conditions, the energy will be transported to the limbs of the human body, the consumption of sugar in the body to provide energy for the human body, with the characteristics of exercise intensity, short time.

  This type of exercise, in which the body burns sugar and fat for energy, is called anaerobic exercise.

  There is also a big difference between the two. Anaerobic exercise may cause some pain, whereas aerobic exercise does not, primarily because of different metabolic patterns.

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